Supporting Your Business Dilemma

We at Skylight put emphasis on the practical support of clients’ businesses

Our Service

We support to make the innovation happen by making the strategy, executing, and getting established.

Business Transformation

  • Project style is “co-working with client”
  • Understand corporate culture deeply and exchange opinions with related departments for smooth corporate transition
  • We are not bond to any solutions / services, but choose the best solution for the individual situation
  • Control wide range of areas and projects in parallel
  • Always keep in mind the end state of innovation, and deal with small issues flexible


Together with your team, we will support your business transformation planning in the big picture


We will support you to plan the transformation in each aspect of the way to ensure smooth execution


We will work together with you to ensure timely implementation in your organization 


When everything is done, we will evaluate, plan for improvement, and recommend next action

What we do