RevComm Inc. Conducts Interview with Skylight America on AI-powered Voice Analysis System

スカイライトアメリカはこの度、株式会社RevCommが提供する営業およびコールセンター業務を最適化するオンライン会議解析AI「MiiTel Meetings」を導入している企業としてインタビューを受けました。

In a recent comprehensive interview, Skylight America shared insightful details about adopting the AI-powered voice analysis system, “RevComm Meetings”. This innovative solution, developed by RevComm Inc., has been instrumental in optimizing our sales and call center functions. 

During the interview, we delved into the key motivations behind integrating “RevComm Meetings” into our operations, the significant improvements observed post-installation and our firsthand experiences of enhanced productivity attributed to this service. Notably, “RevComm” has been recognized for its excellence with Forbes AI 50Award, underscoring its effectiveness and innovation in design.

We invite you to explore the interview for a deeper understanding of how Skylight America is leveraging cutting-edge technology to advance our operational efficiency and service quality.


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